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Open Platform

From Silk Road to Cyberspace

New technologies create new markets, connecting global communities in powerful ways ...more


Data factory

Social Engineering: Capturing the Alpha in the Twittersphere

Given the mass popularity of social media, many equity market participants are jumping on the bandwagon. ...more



Warsaw Stock Exchange goes global with UTP

Warsaw Stock Exchange is one of the most recent examples of cost-effective market solutions built by ...more


Data factory

Big Data: The Debate

Panel debate on Big Data at a recent Vendor Forum event at the New York Stock Exchange ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

Evolving the Capital Markets through Cloud


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Beyond Reactive Regulation

Could ‘doom-tanks’ play a vital role in shaping future-focused regulation? How do you prepare for ...more

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Open Platform

Co-opetition: New Market Model or plain old Oxymoron?

Is the future of capital markets a mutually-beneficial ecosystem or is partnership impossible? ...more

Liquidity Solutions


Introducing Liquidity



Data factory

Big Picture or Big Idea?

Will the big data winners be those that are better at managing scale? Those that excel at focused analysis? ...more

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Hyper bubble?

As markets become more globalised do we risk a truly global bubble developing? How can you scale your ...more

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Value-Driven Solutions

NYSE Brings Capitalism to the Cloud

Nothing symbolizes capitalism like the New York Stock Exchange. NYSE is best known as the world’s ...more



AlphaY plugs liquidity gap using derivatives & Delta One hedging flows

The decision for Société Générale to launch a dark pool trading platform, AlphaY, in April 2012 arose ...more



Avoiding the Gulliver trap?

As more firms consider global trading – are they seeing the world from an entirely different point ...more

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Data factory

The Rise of the Data Curator?

Data growth has reached an explosive pace. How can you use this to your information advantage? ...more

Value-Driven Solutions

Value-Driven Solutions

Introducing Value-driven Solutions

Don Henderson, CTO, NYSE Technologies describes how customers are focused on taking costs out of their ...more

NYSE Technologies Tokyo Liquidity Center


Trading In Tokyo Speeds Up, In More Ways Than One

The TSE’s new co-location center is tailor-made for high-speed traders ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

Bringing Data Fees in line with Data Feeds

Like a good CPA at tax time, DART Data Manager can help you save money and mitigate audit risk ...more

Infrastructure Solutions


Introducing Infrastructure

Varghese Thomas, Head of Infrastructure Solutions for NYSE Technologies discusses the challenges facing ...more

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Open Platform

Open-source: a Mission-critical Success Story?

Can you trust open technology to run your trading desk? ...more

NYSE Technologies Expands FIX Capabilities


The Appia Evolution

How a FIX gateway grew into a robust business solution ...more


Data factory

What makes RussellTick?


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Off the Chart?

Here be dragons: What are top three dangers in global trading? ...more

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Value-Driven Solutions

Will You Shape the Cloud or will the Cloud Shape You?

More financial institutions are now looking to outsource the development and hosting of their technology. ...more

Data factory

Orion’s Built

Orion's Built - and NYSE Technologies can help you access it. ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

Outsourced FIX Infrastructure

Examining the motivations behind, and the process of, employing FIX as a service ...more

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Data factory

Data-daunted? Or Data-driven?

With huge regulatory compliance, comes great responsibility to track and report on your trading data. ...more



Taiwan: Aiming for the Clouds

Daniel Burgin, Head of Asia for NYSE Technologies comments on a recent article about the Taiwan Stock ...more



How to Trade in Tokyo

In Tokyo, new opportunities are emerging. There’s always going to be opportunities, but early adopters ...more


Open Platform

Why Open Source Is Conquering the Street

Open-source technology is transforming Wall Street IT departments because of its power to drive innovation, ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

TD Ameritrade: Beyond Disaster Recovery

Watch how TD Ameritrade found an innovative way to lower their cost and provide greater agility to their ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

Is the Silver Lining Safe?

Cloud-based technology offers many benefits. But is it secure enough? ...more



Canada Is a Port of Call for North American Algos

Once an algorithm has reached its profitability potential in U.S. equities markets, its owner can create ...more


Data factory

Tweets, Texts and Tickers

A look at social data in the financial markets with Tom Watson, Vice President of Global Market Data ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

ATG, NYSE Euronext Plan Trading Platform for Brazilian Equities

Americas Trading Group, a provider of financial technology, will create a platform with NYSE Euronext  ...more



If you Want it Done Right, OIY (outsource it yourself)

Choosing a Hosted Commercial Market is a more efficient and reliable strategy to meet evolving client ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

Reaching for the Cloud?

Availability: How do you ensure the cloud is as touchable as your own server room? ...more



Irregular Regulation?


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Data factory

Data: The Final Frontier?

The data universe is already bigger than you can analyse. So how can you get smarter at turning new perspectives ...more



Global Liquidity Centers

Basildon is one of NYSE Technologies key Global Liquidity Centers. ...more


Open Platform

NYSE Technologies – Simply Better

NYSE Technologies - Simply Better ...more

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Open Platform

Could Diversity generate Uniformity?

In a future ‘open’ capital markets community – how do we ensure quality? ...more


Value-Driven Solutions

Accenture Report: New Operating Models – Shared services, busted silos, industry utilities and variable cost

Download a report from Accenture outlining some of challenges facing investment banks today and what ...more

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Value-Driven Solutions

Are Industry Clouds the Answer to Wall Street’s Technology Prayers?

A number of dedicated community clouds have been launched that promise the benefits of public cloud utilities ...more

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Data factory

Inside the World of Big Data Surveillance



Data factory

Market Data’s Dirty Little Secret

In addition to spending enormous sums to buy data, market participants also face a less talked about ...more


Open Platform

Finding the Rosetta Stone for Market Data?


New low latency SFTI link brings Frankfurt and Basildon closer together


Ich bin ein Frankfurter

New low latency SFTI link brings Frankfurt and Basildon closer together ...more



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Reducing time to market. Cutting costs. Simplifying workflows with access to cutting-edge services. ...more